Best GPS For RV 2023

GPS for RV is a great way to keep track of your location while on the road. There are many different types and brands of GPS units available, so it is important to do some research before purchasing one.

In this blog post, we will discuss some of the best options on the market and help you decide which one is right for you. There are a variety of different GPS systems available, and it can be difficult to decide which one is right for your needs. We will help make the process a little bit easier by providing information on some of the best options currently available. Keep reading to learn more!

Best GPS For RV 2023 Comparison Table

PhotoName Check PriceBrand Features
Garmin 890 Gps navigator for Rvs
Check Price
Garmin • Wifi connectivity
• Large display
• Custom routing
Garmin RV 780 GPS Navigato
Check Price
Garmin • Touchscreen
• Color display custom routing
• Hands-free control
• Smartphone compatible
Garmin 010-02425-00 8 inch RV 890 GPS Navigator
Check Price
Garmin • Multifunction
• High-resolution touchscreen
• Multiple-use
• Efficient
Garmin 890 8-inch RV GPS Navigator
Check Price
Garmin • Wifi connectivity
• Smart GPS
• High-resolution touchscreen
• Efficient
Garmin RV 785 & Traffic, Advanced GPS Navigator for RVs
Check Price
Garmin • Touchscreen
• Road warnings
• Smartphone compatible
• Built-in dash cam
Garmin RV 1090 10in RV Navigator
Check Price
Wearable4U• Touch screen display
• Large screen
• USB port
9 inch GPS Navigation
Check Price
Essgo • Route customizing
• Map updates
• Real voice broadcast
• Multiple-use
Garmin RV 770 NA LMT-S RV GPS
Check Price
Garmin • Touchscreen
• Color screen
• Backlight
Garmin RV 770 NA LMT-S RV Dedicated GPS
Check Price
Garmin • Screen protector
• Car charger
• LCD screen
• Durable casing
Kenwood DNX775RVS Advanced Navigation
Check Price
Kenwood • Touchscreen
• Customizable route
• LCD display
• Audio features
Garmin RV 760LMT Portable GPS Navigator
Check Price
Garmin • Touchscreen
• Voice control
• Large screen
• Customizable

1) Garmin RV 890Best GPS For RV

Check Price

The Garmin RV 890 is a GPS navigation gem with great features that enrich your trip. This GPS navigator’s huge, HD touch display and configurable orientation settings make it great. Explore the Garmin RV 890’s unique features.

Elegant Display, Flexible Modes

The Garmin RV 890’s large, high-resolution touch screen is your worldview. Choose portrait mode for a sleek vertical perspective or landscape mode for a wider view. This flexibility helps the navigator easily adapt to your preferences, producing a personalised interface.

Easy Navigation using Voice Control

The Garmin RV 890 allows voice navigation. This navigator runs your orders with voice control. You can now focus on the road and keep your hands on the wheel without buttons or taps, making your journey safer and more enjoyable.

Hands-Free Calling Made Easy

Garmin RV 890 hands-free calling improves connectivity. This function lets you call without touching your phone using Bluetooth. Stay connected and safe with Garmin’s purposeful innovation.

High-Quality Wireless Connection

The digital Garmin RV 890 supports Wireless Fidelity to update maps and software without a computer. Smooth updates that keep you informed replace tiresome updates. Real-time information from your travel companion are reliable because to dynamic connectivity.

Enhance Travel with Garmin RV 890 GPS Navigator

The Garmin RV 890 is a great GPS. The stunning display, adjustable orientation modes, voice control, hands-free calling, and cutting-edge networking alter how you travel. You can smooth your travels with the Garmin RV 890. Adopt efficiency, innovation, and navigation’s future.

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Brand Garmin
Vehicle Service Type RV
Screen Size 8 Inches
Special Feature Custom Routing; Driver Alerts; RV Parks and Services Info; Easy Trip Planning

2) Garmin RV 780 GPS NavigatorBest GPS For RV

Check Price

The Garmin RV 780 GPS Navigator’s characteristics make it a top navigation choice. GPS navigation is modernised by its high-resolution touch display, customisable route, road safety alerts, and RV park and service directory. Voice command and hands-free calling make it a perfect travel companion.

Excellent Navigation: High-Resolution Touch Display

High-resolution touch screen improves clarity and usage on Garmin RV 780 GPS Navigator. The simple UI simplifies device use and provides superior navigation. The touch display’s vividness and responsiveness improve itinerary planning and sightseeing.

Path, Way personalised navigation

Custom routes are a Garmin RV 780 GPS Navigator feature. The device optimises routes for your RV’s size, weight, and features. This displays safe, appropriate travel routes. Custom routes eliminate ambiguity and suffering.

Road Warnings: Be Safe

Garmin RV 780 GPS Navigator’s road warning system prioritises safety. Real-time risks, speed limit changes, and sharp turns notify you. This proactive safety strategy aids road decisions. Garmin RV 780 safety monitoring provides peace of mind.

Road Comfort: Large RV Parks and Services Directory

Unique travel lifestyle: RVing. This is why the Garmin RV 780 GPS Navigator has a large RV park and service directory. RV-specific fuel, maintenance, and relaxation spots. This tool optimises your trip with timely information.

Voice-control: navigate

The Garmin RV 780 is navigation’s future. The GPS’s sophisticated voice control simplifies travel. This hands-free navigation device improves safety and convenience by focusing on the road ahead. Voice control over attractions and route modifications is complete.

Hands-free calling: Connect, Secure

Road communication is easier than ever with Garmin RV 780 GPS Navigator. Integrated hands-free calling is safe and connected. Call loved ones and critical contacts while driving to stay focused.

The best GPS navigator is the Garmin RV 780. The high-resolution touch display, personalised routing, road safety alerts, RV park and service directory, voice control, and hands-free calling modernise RV navigation. The Garmin RV 780 GPS Navigator is superior for safe and comfortable travel.

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Brand Garmin
Model Name FBAGRRV780
Vehicle Service Type RV
Screen Size 6.95 Inches
Special Feature Touchscreen, Bluetooth

3) Garmin RV 890 GPS Navigator ( 010-02425-00)

Best GPS For RV

Check Price

The Garmin RV 890 GPS Navigator (010-02425-00) dominates navigation with its many advanced features. Let’s explore why this GPS navigator is a game-changer for travellers.

Innovative Technology at Your Fingertips

Garmin RV 890 GPS Navigator’s edge-to-edge, high-resolution touchscreen display is its centrepiece. This immersive display clearly and vividly displays important information, keeping you informed without a hitch. This display has unmatched visual clarity, whether you’re driving through busy city streets or on the open road.

Smooth Voice Control for Maximum Convenience

No more fumbling with buttons to navigate. The Garmin RV 890 GPS Navigator’s voice control makes it even more convenient. Imagine effortlessly commanding your travel with simple speech prompts. This improves safety and keeps your hands on the wheel and eyes on the road ahead.

Accept the Bundled Excellence

The Garmin RV 890 GPS Navigator excels beyond its essential characteristics. With a well-curated package, navigation becomes easier. It includes a sturdy hardshell EVA case to protect your navigation when travelling. A DC12V/24V (dual) electronic automobile multifunction plug lets you charge and prepare your devices.

Be Confident and Chic

Universal weighted GPS navigation dash-mounts improve GPS navigation. This mount keeps your navigator in place, preventing slips and slides. With this configuration, you can navigate confidently knowing your Garmin RV 890 GPS Navigator is always with you.


In a world of precision and ease, the Garmin RV 890 GPS Navigator (010-02425-00) innovates. Its large touchscreen, smooth voice control, and thoughtful packaging revolutionise GPS navigators. Say goodbye to complicated navigation and hello to easy exploring. Travel with the Garmin RV 890 GPS Navigator for fun and ease. Never get lost with Garmin on your next journey.

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Brand Garmin
Vehicle Service Type RV
Screen Size 8 Inches
Special Feature Custom Routing; Driver Alerts; RV Parks and Services Info; Easy Trip Planning

4) Garmin 890 (010-02425-00)Best GPS For RV

Check Price

Built-in Wi-Fi highlights the Garmin 890. Stop updating maps and software on computers. The Garmin 890 simplifies navigation updates. Get new maps and software by connecting to Wi-Fi. This essential function ensures the most accurate and reliable navigation tools.

Clarity with High-Resolution Touchscreen

Navigation devices must be visible, and the Garmin 890 is. This device’s big, high-resolution touchscreen displays information effectively. The edge-to-edge design makes navigation easier by showing every feature. The Garmin 890’s map, navigation, and sightseeing display is outstanding.

A Complete Convenience Package

Your Garmin 890 goes beyond navigation to improve your experience. Hard shell EVA cases safeguard devices from daily use and travel. The dual DC12V/24V electronic multipurpose car plug powers your Garmin 890 without your vehicle’s electricity.

A universal weighted GPS navigation dash-mount comes with the Garmin 890. This mount secures your phone while driving. Full package of Garmin 890 makes navigating straightforward without distractions or device fumbling.

Update Your Navigation with Garmin 890

Finally, the Garmin 890 (010-02425-00) demonstrates Garmin’s dedication to innovation. This GPS navigator revolutionises navigating with Wi-Fi, a high-resolution touchscreen, and a complete kit. The Garmin 890 is your reliable and intuitive road trip, travel, and commuting companion.

Perfectionism replaces mediocrity with the Garmin 890. Upgrade your navigation for precision, clarity, and ease. The Garmin 890 provides smooth, enriching navigation.

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Brand Garmin
Vehicle Service Type RV
Screen Size 8 Inches
Special Feature Custom Routing; Driver Alerts; RV Parks and Services Info; Easy Trip Planning

5) Garmin RV 785

Best GPS For RV

Check Price

Garmin RV 785 is a premium GPS navigator with many features. Its high performance and advanced features make it a top navigation option.

Immersive Display Unveiled

Garmin RV 785’s beautiful display promises interactive navigation. The big, high-resolution touchscreen dominates the screen. Visibility and a vivid device interaction platform enhance. The Garmin RV 785 also has portrait and landscape modes for convenience.

Speak to order

User experience is improved by Garmin RV 785 voice control. Voice commands reduce distractions and increase driving safety with this powerful tool. The intuitive voice control makes this navigator stand out for adjustments, destination searches, and real-time information.

Hands-free calling for smooth communication

Today’s fast-paced workplace requires connectivity. The Garmin RV 785’s hands-free calling meets this need. Bluetooth and compatible smartphones let users make and receive calls without touching the device. It ensures safe travel and uninterrupted communication.

Updates effortlessly via Built-in Wi-Fi eliminates computer updates. The Garmin RV 785’s Wi-Fi upgrades. This breakthrough feature updates maps and software on smartphones without external devices. Over-the-air updates add new features and dependable information to your navigation.

Journey Map: Unmatched Coverage

Garmin RV 785 provides significant North American map updates for several territories. This navigator covers the U.S. Virgin Islands to Mexico, Canada to Puerto Rico, and Bahamas to Cayman Islands. The accurate and informative Garmin RV 785 maps guide every trip.

In conclusion

The Garmin RV 785 leads GPS navigators with its revolutionary features and user-friendly design. Its huge display, intuitive voice control, smooth connectivity, quick upgrades, and comprehensive map coverage make it a reliable and versatile navigation companion. With the Garmin RV 785, you get convenience, accuracy, and unmatched performance.

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Brand Garmin
Vehicle Service Type RV
Screen Size 6.95 Inches
Special Feature Built-In Dash Cam; Custom Routing; Driver Alerts; Live Traffic Info; Hands-Free Features

Best GPS For RV 2023: Buying Guide

What Is GPS For RV?

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A GPS for RV is a specialized navigation system designed to give drivers turn-by-turn directions specifically for large vehicles like RVs, trailers, and motorhomes. Also, since RVs often travel to remote or rural areas, these devices usually come with a directory of RV parks and services.

Why You Should Get A GPS For RV?

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There are plenty of reasons to get a GPS for your RV. For starters, it can help you avoid getting lost. It can also help you find the best route to your destination, and even help you find campsites and other attractions along the way.

Another great reason to get a GPS for RV is that it can help you save money on fuel. By finding the most efficient route to your destination, you can avoid wasting gas and money.

Finally, a GPS can also provide peace of mind. Knowing that you have a reliable way to find your way back home can help you relax and enjoy your trip even more.

How To Use GPS For RV?

Using a GPS for RV is a great way to get around while on the road. There are many different ways that you can use a GPS for RV, and each has its own set of benefits. Here are some of the best ways to use a GPS for RV:

Turn-By-Turn Directions

This is one of the most common ways that people use GPS for RV. Turn-by-turn directions can be very helpful, especially if you are unfamiliar with the area that you are driving in.

Route Planning

Route planning is another great way to use GPS for RV. This can help you plan your route ahead of time so that you know exactly where you need to go.

Points of Interest

Many GPS units come with points of interest (POI) built-in. This can be very helpful if you are looking for specific things, such as gas stations, restaurants, or hotels.

Emergency Assistance

Some GPS units also come with emergency assistance features. This can be very helpful if you find yourself in an emergency situation while on the road.

These are just a few of the ways that you can use GPS for RV. There are many other ways to use GPS, and each has its own set of benefits. If you are looking for a great way to get around while on the road, then using a GPS for RV is a great option. You can find GPS units for RV at most electronics stores, and there are many different models to choose from.

Different Types Of GPS For RV

There are a few different types of GPS systems that can be used in an RV:

Handheld GPS

The most popular type is the handheld GPS system. These are small, portable devices that can be carried with you and used while you are driving. They typically have a large screen that shows your current location and can provide turn-by-turn directions to your destination.

Portable GPS

Another type of GPS system that can be used in an RV is a portable GPS system. These are similar to handheld GPS systems, but they are larger and must be mounted on the dash or another surface in the RV. They typically have a smaller screen than handheld units, but they can still provide turn-by-turn directions and show your current location.

In-dash GPS

The third type of GPS system that can be used in an RV is an in-dash GPS system. These are installed in the dash of the RV and provide turn-by-turn directions and other information on a large screen. They are typically the most expensive type of GPS system, but they offer the most features and the best performance.

Choosing the right GPS system for your RV will depend on your needs and budget. If you want a simple device that can provide turn-by-turn directions, a handheld or portable GPS system would be a good choice. If you want a larger screen and more features, an in-dash GPS system would be a better choice. Whatever type of GPS system you choose, make sure it is compatible with your RV so you can get the most out of it.

Considerations Before Buying A GPS For RV

There are a few things you should keep in mind before purchasing a GPS for your RV. First, decide what features are most important to you. Do you need real-time traffic updates? Are voice-guided directions a must? Once you know what’s important to you, research the different models and brands available to find the best GPS for your RV.

Another consideration is price. GPS units can range in price from a few hundred dollars to over a thousand. It’s important to find a unit that fits your budget while still offering the features you need.

Finally, think about ease of use. Some GPS units are very user-friendly, while others can be more complicated. If you’re not tech-savvy, it’s important to find a unit that is easy to use and understand.

By keeping these things in mind, you can be sure to find the best GPS for your RV.

Additional Tips When Using GPS For RV

  • If you are going to be driving in an area with limited or no cell service, it is important to download any needed maps ahead of time.
  • Be sure to enter your RV’s dimensions into the GPS unit so that it can plan routes accordingly and avoid low bridges or other obstacles.
  • It can also be helpful to program in favorite camping spots or other destinations so that you can easily find them again later.
  • And finally, don’t forget to pack extra batteries or a power adapter for your GPS unit just in case.

Benefits Of GPS For RV

RVers have long been some of the biggest advocates for GPS units. After all, RVs can be difficult to navigate, and a good GPS unit can make the difference between a relaxing vacation and a stressful one.

But what are the benefits of GPS for RV travel? Here are just a few:

Improved Safety

A GPS unit can help you avoid dangerous roads and areas. It can also help you find your way if you get lost.

Less Stress

Planning a trip can be stressful, but a GPS unit can take some of the guesswork out of it. You’ll know exactly where you’re going and how to get there.

More Fun

A GPS unit can help you find the best camping spots, restaurants, and attractions. You’ll be able to spend more time enjoying your trip and less time worrying about where you’re going.

If you’re planning a trip in an RV, be sure to consider a GPS unit. It can make your trip safer, less stressful, and more fun.

How To Clean A GPS For RV?

If you’re using your GPS for RV navigation, it’s important to keep it clean. Here are a few tips on how to clean a GPS for optimal performance:

  • Use a soft and a dry fabric to wipe away any dirt or debris. Do not use harsh substances or abrasive materials, as this can damage the screen.
  • If there are any stubborn marks, you can try using a mild soap and water solution. Make sure to dry the screen thoroughly afterward.
  • For more difficult stains, you can purchase special cleaners made specifically for GPS screens. Follow the instructions on the package carefully.

Maintaining A GPS For RV

If you are like most people, you probably don’t think much about your GPS until you need it. But if you own an RV or a boat, a GPS is an essential tool for navigation. Here are a few tips on how to keep your GPS in good working order.

First, make sure that your GPS unit is properly secured. If it is not securely mounted, it can become dislodged during travel and end up getting damaged.

Second, keep your GPS unit clean. Dirt and grime can build up on the screen and buttons, making them difficult to use. Wipe the unit down with a soft, dry cloth periodically to keep it clean.

Third, keep the unit’s software up to date. GPS units rely on satellite data to function properly, and that data is constantly changing. Keeping your unit’s software up to date will ensure that it has the most accurate data available.

Finally, if you are not using your GPS unit, be sure to turn it off. Leaving it on can drain the battery, which can be expensive and inconvenient to replace.

By following these simple tips, you can ensure that your GPS unit will be ready when you need it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Needs A GPS For RV?

If you’re the type of person who likes to be prepared for anything and everything while on vacation, then a GPS system is a must-have item for your RV. A good quality GPS will not only help you find your way if you get lost, but it can also give you important information about the road conditions ahead. This can be particularly helpful if you’re planning on driving in unfamiliar territory.

When You Should Buy A GPS For RV?

The best time to buy a GPS for RV is when you are planning a long road trip. This way, you can be sure that you have the most accurate and up-to-date information about your route. A GPS for RV can also be useful if you frequently take your RV on trips to different parts of the country. If you know that you will be making several trips in the near future, it is a good idea to purchase a GPS for RV so that you can have the peace of mind that comes with knowing your exact location at all times.

Is It Worth To Buy The Best Gps For Rv?

Yes, it is worth buying the best GPS for RV because it can help you a lot in your journey. It can give you an accurate location so that you will not get lost. Moreover, it can also help you to find the gas stations, restaurants, and hotels along your route.

How Often Should I Update My Gps Maps?

You should update your GPS maps every few months to ensure that you have the most accurate information. Additionally, you should also check for updates before any long trips.

What Is The Best Way To Use A Gps While Driving?

The best way to use a GPS while driving is to mount it on the dashboard or windshield. This way, you can easily see the screen and enter information without taking your eyes off the road.

Is It Legal To Use A Cell Phone As A Gps While Driving?

No, it is not legal to use a cell phone as a GPS while driving in most states. You should always pull over to the side of the road to enter information into your GPS.

What Should I Do If My Gps Loses Satellite Signal?

If your GPS loses satellite signal, you should try to find an open area where there is a clear view of the sky. Once you have found an open area, you should turn off your car and restart the GPS.

How Long Do Gps Batteries Last?

GPS batteries typically last for about four to six hours. However, this will vary depending on the model of GPS and how it is being used.

How Do I Know If My Gps Is Working Properly?

You can test your GPS by entering your current location and then checking to see if the GPS can accurately find it. You should also try out different features to see if they are working properly.

Final Thoughts

A GPS unit can be a valuable tool for any RV owner. It can help you easily find your way around and avoid getting lost. All in all, GPS for RV is a great addition for any road trip. They can help you avoid traffic jams, find the best route, and even make sure you don’t miss your exit. Plus, they’re a whole lot of fun to use. 

So whether you’re a seasoned RVer or just getting started, be sure to pick up a GPS unit before your next trip. And if you’re still not sure which one is right for you, check out our list of the best GPS units for RVers.


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